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Basically I am an aspiring hopeful. I have always been hopeful, but I have spent most of my life inspiring other people to recognize their own talent and then supporting them on their journey to achieving their goals. Recently, I have realized some bigger dreams of mine. There is so much I want to enjoy, experience and become amazing at! Right now, I am really passionate and excited about writing, photography and journalism. This is the place where you can get a peek at my world and the creativity and beauty I find along the way. I hope you enjoy! Ask me questions or leave me comments here:

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Oct 3 '11
Love Owls!

Love Owls!

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Aug 3 '11

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Aug 3 '11

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Apr 13 '11
The owl ring! Oh My Gawd!!! The Owl Ring!!!!!

The owl ring! Oh My Gawd!!! The Owl Ring!!!!!

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Apr 4 '11

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Mar 8 '11

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Feb 16 '11

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Feb 14 '11

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Feb 13 '11

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